Life Is Layers, Live It!

11th Loop combines the need of water in the desert, and the abundance of rock to launch a collection of fabrics that captures the essence of  true Nature. 



Rotation Transformation:

An image rotated horizontally, vertically, and 180 degrees. The original single image is seen from four different perspectives. Combining these patterns the repetition reveals a continuous and seamless natural design. The simplicity of the pattern allows a balance of infinite possibilities. 

to view patterns visit our website : 

1 – Spines

2 – Pincushion

3 – Deadwood

4 – Ambrosia Bursage

5 – Saguaro Silhouette

6 – Cottonwood Seed

7 – Desert Thistle

8 – Fairyduster

9 – Saguaro Side

10 – Mormon Tea

11 – Saltcedar

12 – Century Paint

13 – Rock Live-Forever

14 – Witchgrass

15 – Woolly Paintbrush

16 – Saguaro Spines

17 – Golden Cottonwood

18 – Strawberry Flower

19 – Blue Lupine

20 – Wild Cucumber

11th Loop is on a journey to create the most unique geometric patterns.

Then we print on sustainable fabrics, making a much friendlier fabric to wear.

 Art Nenvou + Sustainable = 11th Loop

11th Loop - 2012



In the fall of 2002 four young enthusiastic artists surround a large table under the canopy outside Mrs. Ray’s first period art class. They found one another, forming a connection with their artwork to grow. For one 55-minute period a day they were in a world of their own. Little did they know the atmosphere they created, nurtured by Robin Ray, would allow them to evolve into inspiring artists within their communities. I was fortunate to be one of these artists. It is not the art we create, but the art of the life we live, that keeps us connected.

After designing and creating the Cactus Shadows Photography Club, which is still in place today, I graduated from Cactus Shadows High School in 2003. I attended Yavapai College in Prescott, Arizona and completed an Associates of Arts with a minor in Photography. During that time The Prescott Daily Courier hired me to join their news team as a photojournalist. I produced award-winning imagery with them and the Associated Press for three and a half years.

I migrated north and settled just outside of Portland, Oregon. For the duration of my time there I produced marketing and advertising imagery for the City of Vancouver, Washington, and focused on the development of imagery manipulation. I have been shaping and molding these techniques since my senior year at Cactus Shadows.

I returned to Arizona to attended Northern Arizona University and earn a Bachelors of Science in Education. During my time back I have been photographing weddings, special events, portraits, families, sports, product, pets, and more. I’m proud to say I have been photographing professionally for 7 years. Check it out at My high school experience with Robin Ray and the Cactus Shadows Art Department inspired me to do what I love.       ­

In the past year I have continued my work with textile printing. My brother, Benjamin, and I have been developing 11TH Loop – Graphic Textile Design. At we are creating custom designs digitally printed on eco-friendly textiles. Our graphic textile designs are developed to visually enhance functional materials and promote sustainable textiles. We started with photography and now, after years of development, arrived in the textile World to create sustainable textiles. It is not the art we create, but the art of the life we live, that keeps us connected.


Artist Statement:

An old soul stole my heart.

Creating a starting point where we had left off in the past.

A reality built to last a lifetime,

because our eternity is already chosen.

A spiritual connection ties us together.

Nether can justify the happening,

But are agreeing that words cannot reveal this phenomena.

We generate theories as interpretations and explanations

on how to process this series of perfect events.

Our theories attempt to answer the questions, how and why?

Our theories attempt to explain reality and the practice,

but the answer is unveiled in a progression of the pattern and patience.


“In every walk with Nature one receive far more than he seeks.”

-John Muir