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11th Loop seeks to provided a more sustainable lifestyle for all to receive. Each of our graphic textile designs starts with a walk in Nature observing the patterns in the environment. Natural colors and textures are the inspiration for all of our designs. Once a unique phenomenon is witnessed, by a designer, they document the event by making a digital image. These images are taken back to the studio to be cataloged. Using computer software and apps the designers at 11th Loop customize each image to create an unique textile design.

These graphic textile designs are forging a new look with hyper-vivid patterns and bold colors. We are pushing the boundaries to increase the number of customized designs in our collection. This is an unexplored source of creativity. Our textiles and garments illustrate the cutting-edge advances in Eco-Friendly printing and pattern making.

Now, with computer software, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, textile designs have become more complex then ever. Digital  printing will soon provide the majority of the World’s printed textiles. This is a trend that is beginning to dominate the industry.

 “Let Us Grow Naturally” – Graphic Textile Design




The Kastelic Brothers are from a place that old timers call “standing-up country”. The early Spanish settlers would call it “Desplobado” meaning “desolate wilderness.” The Foothills is a place full of rugged mountains, hilly terrain, deep canyons, and high mesas.  Only a few of the bravest and boldest have ventured into the Sonoran Foothills to search for an new way of life. The Kastelic brothers grew up exploring the hot, rocky, rattle snake infested desert rich with evidence of prehistoric Hohokam Indain culture.  The boys would stumble over petroglyphs, pottery sherds, arrowheads, and matate stones that lie disguised within the landscape. Sometimes back in these rugged foothills they would also find old abandoned mines. Early on they both recognized the difference in these town cultures, understanding they were more connected to the Native ways of life. Living in the Earth, not on the Earth. Now at 11th Loop the mission is to create a sustainable and biodegradable company. Leaving only green imprints. Our love for Nature drives our mission to ‘Save the Sonoran Desert’ and other magical places around the World.



Green Hosting powers our Website!

11th Loop has joined forces with HostGator to invest in Texas Wind Energy helping to offset server emissions. All of HostGator’s servers are now 130% wind powered! That’s right! 130%! We’re not just neutralizing our environmental impact, we’re reversing it!

HostGator has purchased certified Renewable Energy Credits representing 130% of the electricity used to both power and cool every last one of our shared and reseller servers! Climate Friendly, Wind Powered, Certified RECs (Renewable Energy Credits)



3Degrees Recognizes: 11th for using

This Renewable Energy Certificate purchase supports 5,004 MWh

of electricity generation sourced from wind farms across Texas. Environmental Benefit: Prevents the emission of 3,561 metric tons of carbon dioxide. Equivalent To: The amount of carbon dioxide absorbed annually by protecting 809 acres of forest.

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Did you know that the average server produces the same emissions as a 15 mpg SUV?

HostGator hosts over 4,000,000 websites on its shared and reseller web hosting servers. That means a lot of servers, and a lot of carbon emissions. So we asked ourselves, What can we do to be part of the climate change solution? We took steps to minimize our environmental impact at the office, but still we weren’t satisfied. We then switched to 36% more efficient servers, but still we weren’t satisfied!


11th Loop is a nature inspired company with an aim to decrease the amount of waste in our daily lives. We are working with our community and individuals to start a textile movement. That involves using a sustainable process to create a quality products. Each digital textile design is its own portal to the beauty and complexity of the Sonoran Desert. 11th Loop is setting a timeless trend by combining art and education into one common thread. 11th Loop has bold colors, unique designs, and sustainable materials to enhance your daily life.

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