“Wear it like you mean it.”

Daily we are all impacted by the exterior World, and its struggles. We need to start making choices that manifest these days into the next level of creativity. Pushing the minds of designers and trend setters to better our love for life, to better our peace of mind, and our own creative drive. 11th Loop is working all hours of the day to generate a new way of looking at the patterns within our World. Integrating the past with the future, to create the art of today. The animal prints, snakeskins, fox fur, and feathers are on the way out. 11th Loop is following our instinct back to a natural way of Life. Our prints are one of a kind. Using the evolution of the mind to make sustainable products available for decades to come.

11th Loop is turning away from the barbaric fashion sense, to create a new natural way of walking through your life with confidence and elegance. We are pioneering new patterns to lead us into a new frontier of fashion. Join us as we hunt for the next great idea  /  www.11thLoop.com




11th Loop is a nature inspired company with an aim to decrease the amount of waste in our daily lives. We are working with our community and individuals to start a textile movement. That involves using a sustainable process to create a quality products. Each digital textile design is its own portal to the beauty and complexity of the Sonoran Desert. 11th Loop is setting a timeless trend by combining art and education into one common thread. 11th Loop has bold colors, unique designs, and sustainable materials to enhance your daily life.

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