“Wear it like you mean it.”

Daily we are all impacted by the exterior World, and its struggles. We need to start making choices that manifest these days into the next level of creativity. Pushing the minds of designers and trend setters to better our love for life, to better our peace of mind, and our own creative drive. 11th Loop is working all hours of the day to generate a new way of looking at the patterns within our World. Integrating the past with the future, to create the art of today. The animal prints, snakeskins, fox fur, and feathers are on the way out. 11th Loop is following our instinct back to a natural way of Life. Our prints are one of a kind. Using the evolution of the mind to make sustainable products available for decades to come.

11th Loop is turning away from the barbaric fashion sense, to create a new natural way of walking through your life with confidence and elegance. We are pioneering new patterns to lead us into a new frontier of fashion. Join us as we hunt for the next great idea  /  www.11thLoop.com





Life Is Layers, Live It!

11th Loop combines the need of water in the desert, and the abundance of rock to launch a collection of fabrics that captures the essence of  true Nature. 



Rotation Transformation:

An image rotated horizontally, vertically, and 180 degrees. The original single image is seen from four different perspectives. Combining these patterns the repetition reveals a continuous and seamless natural design. The simplicity of the pattern allows a balance of infinite possibilities. 

to view patterns visit our website : http://www.11thLoop.com 

1 – Spines

2 – Pincushion

3 – Deadwood

4 – Ambrosia Bursage

5 – Saguaro Silhouette

6 – Cottonwood Seed

7 – Desert Thistle

8 – Fairyduster

9 – Saguaro Side

10 – Mormon Tea

11 – Saltcedar

12 – Century Paint

13 – Rock Live-Forever

14 – Witchgrass

15 – Woolly Paintbrush

16 – Saguaro Spines

17 – Golden Cottonwood

18 – Strawberry Flower

19 – Blue Lupine

20 – Wild Cucumber

11th Loop is on a journey to create the most unique geometric patterns.

Then we print on sustainable fabrics, making a much friendlier fabric to wear.

 Art Nenvou + Sustainable = 11th Loop

11th Loop - 2012



11th Loop is a sustainable company striving to provide our community with planet friendly textiles and dedicated to raising eco awareness. Good ideas don’t only survive; they thrive in these harsh desert conditions. 11th Loop is developing a specialized adaptation to the climate and culture of the 21st century. Created from a natural need to have more planet friendly fabrics in our World. You will see, feel and appreciate the difference of 11th Loop. The symmetric photos and realistic floral patterns will have all heads turning. Our inspiration comes from deep within the Sonoran Desert, a place we call “Home”. This was a place with rugged mountains, high mesas, deep canyons, bubbly clouds and long horizons. As boys the brothers would spend all of their hours in this Desert playground. Watching flowers bloom, cactus fruit ripen, and palo verde beans grow plump and green. Eating off the Earth, building shelters, and living happy. The boys knew they were among true beauty.

“Its not just a Style, it’s a Life Style.”

11th Loop is working extra hard to:

Reducing the amount of waste

Rebuild with what we have

Repair what is broken

Reuse what has already been used

Recycle thoughts and ideas


Appearing out of the heat and dust, comes a colorful array of fabrics

*YOU can also make a difference by purchasing sustainable products in your community. 


The Sonoran Desert lay peaceful, only disturbed by the random Coyote yelp. Till around 1874 the day the newspapers in the East raved of Gold Hill in Cave Creek,AZ. This caught people’s attention, and drove massive amounts of pioneers to the area. The town of Cave Creek is located just north of the Metro / Phoenix area. Approaching this area you will see Black Mountain that stands as a massive guardian to the foothills. Dominating the central point of the town. There is a different kind of folk that live on this side, artist, ranchers, shop keepers, mostly middle class. Still has its waves of Scottsdale Snow Birds and Biker Gangs. As you head North on Spur Cross Rd. you will start making your way down a winding gravel road. Over the hills and through a Desert Forests that consist of tall Saguaros. The large preserve  borders the northern part of the small town. On the outskirts you will find  ‘Jewel of the Creek’. A natural spring that runs all year round feeding old Cottonwood trees and creating a lush oasis. This place has been home to Ancient Hohokam, Wild Apaches, Greedy Gold Miners, and Rugged Cowboys. A paradise in one of the largest and hottest deserts in North America. Now, it is a patch of the Sonoran Desert that has been saved. Our goal cannot continue  alone, still we must work hard together to keep the Sonoran Desert clean and preserved for generations to come. It is time to catch people’s attention once again. Showing the World the Natural Beauty of the Sonoran Desert. 

for more information on how you can help/ e-mail: info@11thLoop.com 

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