Our Story

~This story begins over 30 years ago in a small Sonoran Desert town, north of Phoenix, known as Cave Creek. This is a place where the roads are still dirt, the sky is clear, and residents continue to ride their horses into town. The two brothers, Benjamin, a daydreamer, and Nathaniel, a deep thinker, were allowed to roam the wide-open spaces. They were at home exploring sandy wash beds, walking rugged mountain trails, navigating their location by the sun, and discovering ancient artifacts. The adventurous brothers were inspired by the beauty of the desert and discovered a sanctuary. 

Their father was an American History instructor with a passion for debate and their mother a Multimedia Art instructor with a confident hand. As educators with summer vacations, their priority was to escape the valley’s heat. The family volunteered as campground hosts for the U.S. Forest Service in Aspen, Colorado. The brothers roamed the Maroon Bells – Snowmass Wilderness Area inspecting the paradise of Aspen trees, rivers, lakes, creeks, and endless meadows. Their appreciation for the diversity in nature and lessons of the wild were carefully recorded, each evening, in their personal journals. Still they longed to reunite with the desert.
In the fall, the family migrated from the rugged Colorado wilderness to the expansive Arizona desert floor. The sight of statuesque Saguaros, massive monsoon clouds, and the smell of saturated creosote bushes, welcomed them back. As the brothers grew older, their appreciation for the natural world grew stronger. Today Benjamin and Nathaniel both express their passion for nature through their many creative talents. Their love of education and imagination shines. Join the brothers as they continue to explore and inspire.

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