Merrie Monarch 2015

Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii, 11th Loop ventures out into the World of Merrie Monarch this year for the first time. We are proud to bring our 100% organic cotton shirts to the crafters market. 11th Loop’s Hawaiian Nature imagery brings a new look to the Hawaiian floral patterns of the past. We bend creative cutting edge comfort, with technology and good old school hand stitched energy. Making “The World’s Best Organic Cotton T-shirt”. Each shirt is one-of-a-kind and made with quality care. 11th Loop embraces the Hawaiian culture, land and Aloha as it embarks on a new journey deep within the alternative textile wilderness. This means creating new ideas on how to use what we already have on the island or even at our homes, to build up the community of tomorrow. It is only with our own action where we will find peace among the Earth and all it’s creators. Now, is the time to begin bridging those huge gaps in our own inner healing and Love for ones self.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 8.08.50 PM

11th Loop brings out original designs to this marketplace only to inspire and assist in all reaching a higher self awaking. This is experienced when wearing these healing garments. Our sustainable vision at 11th Loop begins with a natural love for Nature. Standing, sitting, walking in awe of Hawaii’s natural power, complexity, and intense charictor. Capturing these qualities can be difficult, so we created functional artwork that you as a conscience consumer can walk around visually expressing your Love of Nature and Culture.

Join us for the Journey …facebook_like_logo_1

for more information on this annual event view the website at: 

“Welcome, and thank you for sharing your aloha for hula and the Hawaiian culture. The Merrie Monarch Festival is a non-profit organization that honors the legacy left by King David Kalākaua, who inspired the perpetuation of our traditions, native language and arts.

Our week-long festival features an internationally acclaimed hula competition, an invitational Hawaiian arts fair, hula shows, and a grand parade through Hilo town.”


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